The Trenches by Rosemary Ball

The Trenches
These shrouds make up the trenches
Many, many, side by side
To try and make us understand
How many men have died
While fighting for our freedom
On a far off foreign shore
We’ll never know their hardship
Their fear, their pain, their war
We cannot know their suffering
Or know of their distress
But it would be disgraceful
To forget their sacrifice
These men and boys were never found
The conditions were so dire
They fell and died on the battle ground
And were lost in the foul quagmire
Their loved ones never new their fate
Or how their life had ended
They went to war and bravely fought
Because we had to be defended
So stand and look upon each shroud
That Rob has sewn by hand
And think of each and every man
That died in a hostile land.