by Claire Conn

What was the cause of my Grandfather’s tears?
What made him angry for all of those years?
Cheated in life like so many others,
His father killed in The Somme with his brothers.

Who took his loving father’s life?
Who could be blamed for the war and its strife?
Who were the people with whom his father had fought?
They were dead too – but their General was not.
Who could he blame for the emptiness he felt?
Who should pay for the hand he’d been dealt?
A family shattered by the death of a loved one,
His widow then died, leaving just daughter and son.

He never got an answer,
Not one that made sense.
Just many more questions,
But nothing made his pain less.
He raged against the system
And his belief was strong,
That to take the life of another man
Was morally wrong.

My Grandfather’s dead now,
But his anger lives on.
For in me questions about ‘The war to end all wars’
Still rage on and on.