Today we launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, selling uniquely numbered enamel pin badges to raise the last bit of money that we need to cover the production costs of creating the Shrouds.

Shrouds of the Somme Kcikstarter

The Badges

• Each enamel Shroud badge is individually numbered in a limited edition of 72,396 – one badge for each shrouded figure.
• No two badges are the same and they are likely to become highly collectible,
• They cost £5 each plus P&P
• The Kickstarter launched today (Tuesday 25th September) at 11am and will be running until Thursday 25th October.

Why are we Crowdfunding?

What a lot of people don’t realise when they look at a project of this scale, is that we are completely self-funding. Rob has spent the last 4 years in his shed, creating the Shrouds all by himself. He has borrowed a lot of money to get the project off the ground and has not received a single penny in grant funding.

The Shrouds of the Somme CIC has received some tremendous support from our project partners, which is why the event is going ahead. But what we would like to do now is meet the production costs before the event – so that any money collected at the display will go straight to our chosen charities, SSAFA and the Commonwealth War Graves Foundation, rather than going towards the production costs.

Previous events have raised more than £52,000 for charity and we hope that the London event will raise a lot more.

Shrouds of the Somme Kcikstarter

Progress with the Shrouds – the Final Sprint!

Rob is currently working around the clock to complete the last few thousand shrouded figures, ready for display in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London in just over six weeks – when all 72,396 figures will be laid out shoulder to shoulder for the first and only time.

The Shrouds will form the centrepiece of the UK’s 2018 Armistice commemoration as the nation remembers the centenary of the end of World War One. The exhibition is free and will be open from the 8th – 18th of November, with the honour of a visit from HRH Princess Anne on the 15th November.

You will make a difference

Kickstarter funding is all-or-nothing so we really need to hit our target before the end of October. Every pledge will make a difference. Every person can make a difference. Badges are available in limited batches of 1-10. Please consider buying more than one badge if you can. When you buy more than one badge, they will be numbered sequentially as a set, making them ideal for families, groups or teams – and the postage is the same flat rate, so if you pledge together you can save money too.

If badges aren’t your thing, then you can simply make a donation of £1 or more and Rob will give you a shout out on Instagram when the project ends.

Shrouds of the Somme Kcikstarter

You can also help us by:

  • Signing up for the Shrouds newsletter and forwarding it on to anyone that might be interested in buying a badge
  • Following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and sharing or retweeting our Kickstarter posts
  • Adding a link to our Kickstarter page on your social media profiles or email signature
  • Telling people about the Shrouds and raising awareness of what we are doing
  • Using our Shrouds Facebook profile frame (Go to your profile pic > Update Profile Picture > Add Frame > and search ‘Shrouds’) The frame will expire when the project ends on November 18th. If you want to add a frame to your Instagram or Twitter profile then you can download our png file here –  and make your own.
  • A limited amount of the Shroud badges were made to test the concept and sold at our Exeter event and briefly available in our online shop. If you own one of these badges then please share a picture of you wearing it and let us know what it means to you using the #shroudsofthesomme and #shroudfunder hashtags.

Every little thing that you do to help us will make a big difference to this project. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has backed our project so far. We really appreciate and value your support as we approach the final event.